Robotic Writing Editor

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Helpful Worksheets


Grammarly is also an Artificial Intelligence grammar checker. It’s browser plug-in is one of the most helpful you can download for everyday writing.

Pro Writing Aid is an Artificial Intelligence Grammar checker that can be used as a plug-in in your browser, or as an add-on in GoogleDocs.

Masterclass for Writers

Neil Gaiman gives one of my favorite Masterclasses ever! He provides invaluable insight into the writing process and helps you understand the full effect of the phrase, “What happens next?” I couldn’t recommend it (and Masterclass in general) more highly!

Dan Brown’s Masterclass is extremely well structured and provides writers with a playbook on how to parcel out pieces of a story in a way that will force people to the edge of their seats. Amazing class!

Billy Collins’ Masterclass on Reading and Writing Poetry is amazing for anyone who is looking to finally “get” poetry. He breaks his process down in a very understandable and actionable way!

Recommended Books on Writing

Recommended Books on Comedic Theory