Dayton O'Donnell
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Short Story

On one side of the grocery aisle, there was a zombie. On the other side was a woman shopping for pasta sauce.

“There are just too many choices nowadays,” she whispered to herself, trying to decide whether 8 grams of sugar was preferable to 12 grams of unsaturated fat. The light jazz music of the store stole her attention for a…

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Body of Christ

Flash Fiction

“And now,” Jesus Christ said, “I pass unto you my body and blood. May it — ”

“What’s that?” A disciple interrupted.

“I said, I pass unto you my body and my blood. For it is this token that you will keep with you, the most personal of — ”

“D’you mean to tell me that that is a piece of your body?”

Jesus paused and with the cracker in his hand. The goblet in the other. “It is the holiest of gift I can give to you, my disciple. I assure you.”

“Looks like a cracker.” Another disciple pitched in.

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The Denver Daily

A YouTube Channel

The Denver Daily is a comedic news program that's specific to the Greater Denver Area as well as Colorado at large. The aim of the program is to inform people about what the f*** is going on in our state. The show is written and created by myself and the comedian, Lillian Robinson, as well as with help from various comedians around Denver.

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Mr. Strickham’s

A novel in progress

Mr. Strickham's is a Comedic Fantasy novel that's set in a world where everything runs off of magic! The protagonist Oliver Strickham is a twenty-something who, in the wake of his mother's death, has lost interest in life and, in turn, has become Clinically-Diagnosed-by-a-Doctor as Chronically Boring. In order to cure his boringness, he decides to leave his father and girlfriend to go and Fight a Dragon! If he fails, his curse of Chronic Boringness will slowly turn him invisible and he’ll inevitably live the rest of his life boring, sad, and alone…



(Rhyming optional)

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I write poems,

And yeah, whatever.

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The Curse I know

A Novella

The rifle gave him confidence, but he feared nothing could fight the things that skulk about in these dark cold woods. He had followed a deer deep into the forest and started talking to himself to fill the deafening silence.

“Stupid deer. We don’t need deer. It’d be nice to have deer but I’m a fine enough…

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Clara’s Fable

A Novella in Progress

Finding it hard to find her voice in the world of journalism, Benzai Sugimoto, or “Ben”, has an enlightening interview with an influential artist, Clara. Attempting to gain clarity on a historic event that Clara was a part of, Ben grows frustrated as she receives the answers in the form of a rather strange parable. What questions will actually get answered by the end of the interview?

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Travel Writing

Dear Dream Journal,

I’ve been a few places and seen a couple things. People were there and a lot of stuff happened. A lot of wonderful times were had and many events took place.

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In addition to writing words. I take pictures! This is a link to my portfolio.