Rules of Love

Rules of Love Banner.png

I hear them all the time.

The many rules of love.

They’re silent like a mime

And delicate as a dove.

But do watch out, I have to say.

Such silly rules can hurt someday.

How silly a world is this?

Where tons of little laws

All dance upon a feeling

And scratch it with their claws.

It’s sick and twisted. Painfull, too.

These rules are anything but glue.

I like to be near you.

You like to be near me.

So what’s this strange voodoo

That begs me to stay free?

Our lives are bare and pressed up tight

Together now through these dark nights.

Is that not proof of love?

Or do we need more rules?

Decrees from god above?

Or can we stay as fools?

We’re happy touching lips like this.

So why then must we reminisce

Inside our long lost kiss?

The one before the break

Where Cupid seemed to miss,

And hearts were tried as fake.

A stickler for the rules I was.

I’m sorry that I made a fuss.

But now I’ve learned one thing.

With love, there are no rules.

No feelings live in rings.

And distant days aren’t fuel.

Of course, the regulations state

One shouldn’t clean such filthy slates.

But damn the rules to hell.

We’re both in love for now

It’s best not to dwell

Or wonder why or how.

With not a rule in sight to quote

Let’s let our love just drift and float.