A Windy Night

I love to listen to a windy night

Shaking the house all around.

Why then are people so scared?

It’s just a few silly sounds.

Life is full of scary peaks and valleys

Like some frightening carnival ride.

Taking time away in chips and chunks

Moving along, setting you aside.

Scary things like lightning and sharks

Or some monsters under your bed

Steal your mind away from silly things

Like taxes, or what happens when you're dead.

When I listen to a windy night

I don't think about any kind of end.

All I have to do is sit and listen

To the house bow and bend.

Thanks for reading,

Dayton O”Donnell

In his Masterclass Billy Collins touches on a few fundamentals in poetry that were very helpful and easy to incorporate into my writing. I love his lectures as well as Masterclass in general and I highly recommend checking it out!