A Good Story

A good story starts as poetry,

And ends as something more.

Starting off really quite small.

Maybe as even just a fly.

Then it begins to grow

Two more legs, in fact.

Until it becomes a spider

Spinning webs of its own.

It takes up a corner

In your heart somewhere,

And when the spider’s gone,

Its natural lattice is left.

A perfect trellis it made,

To build a truth to me.

Something to live inside

At least for a while.

Having been and gone,

It still holds mighty stead,

If only by a silly comment like,

“Yes, I’m scared of spiders, too.”

Thanks for reading,
Dayton O’Donnell

Billy Collins’ Masterclass encouraged me to explore poetry in a different way than before. I loved his class and Masterclass in general. I highly recommend you check it out!

Dayton O'Donnell