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Oliver Strickham has a problem.

He works for his dad, Joe, at his family’s supply store. He’s dating a wonderful woman, Beatriz. And he lives in a world full of literal magic.

So what could be the problem?

Well, he’s boring. Clinically diagnosed, in fact. The curse is called Iners Distentus Longinquus.

There’s no potion or enchantment known to cure I.D.L. Actually, there isn’t much known about the curse at all because, well, it’s a very boring subject that no doctor really wants to research.

What’s even worse is the side-effect of the curse. If he doesn’t become interesting in time, he’ll turn invisible and be boring and alone forever…

The solution?

With little resources to point to, Oliver believes his best bet will be to fight a Dragon… Sounds interesting enough.