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Oliver Strickham, the main character. The protagonist. The big deal.  The big cheese. The grand wizard. The guy that um... He's the guy that the book is about and he has a real problem. He Medically Diagnosed as Boring. 

Ever since the death of his mother, he both lives and works with his dad, Joe, at a magical supply store which is basically the equivalent to a Sears in the magical world. Where he used to have friends and do things, now he's just lonely and has no real hobbies to mention other than the occasional game of solitaire and Oh.. I guess he does collect stamps sometimes (Some stamps are enchanted but that's entirely coincidental [not to mention illegal]). Right? And TV. He likes that. His favorite shows are Spawn Stars and The Deadliest Hatch which are lack-luster shows about the sale of various unwanted demon-spawns and the raising and farming of domesticated dragons, respectively.  Ah, and of course the occasional Antique Road Show (One of his dads favorites, too). 

Other than that... He pretty much does nothing. He lives in the same town he grew up and people have all but forgotten who he even is. Real bummer huh? 

Not all is lost, however. In fact, becoming interesting is one of the easiest things to do but, as you'll read; once you find out the trick, it works like magic.