Dayton O'Donnell
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The Curse I know

A Novella

The rifle gave him confidence, but he feared nothing could fight the things that skulk about in these dark cold woods. He had followed a deer deep into the forest and started talking to himself to fill the deafening silence.

“Stupid deer. We don’t need deer. It’d be nice to have deer but I’m a fine enough…

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Mr. Strickham’s

A novel in progress

Mr. Strickham's is a Comedic Fantasy novel that's set in a world where everything runs off of magic! The protagonist Oliver Strickham is a twenty-something who, in the wake of his mother's death, has lost interest in life and, in turn, has become Clinically-Diagnosed-by-a-Doctor as Chronically Boring. In order to cure his boringness, he decides to leave his father and girlfriend to go and Fight a Dragon! If he fails, his curse of Chronic Boringness will slowly turn him invisible and he’ll inevitably live the rest of his life boring, sad, and alone…