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On one side of the grocery aisle, there was a zombie. On the other side was a woman shopping for pasta sauce.

“There are just too many choices nowadays,” she whispered to herself, trying to decide whether 8 grams of sugar was preferable to 12 grams of unsaturated fat. The light jazz music of the store stole her attention for a…

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Body of Christ

“And now,” Jesus Christ said, “I pass unto you my body and blood. May it — ”

“What’s that?” A disciple interrupted.

“I said, I pass unto you my body and my blood. For it is this token that you will keep with you, the most personal of — ”

“D’you mean to tell me that that is a piece of your body?”

Jesus paused and with the cracker in his hand. The goblet in the other. “It is the holiest of gift I can give to you, my disciple. I assure you.”

“Looks like a cracker.” Another disciple pitched in.

Clara's Fable.png

Clara’s Fable

A Novella in Progress

Finding it hard to find her voice in the world of journalism, Benzai Sugimoto, or “Ben”, has an enlightening interview with an influential artist, Clara. Attempting to gain clarity on a historic event that Clara was a part of, Ben grows frustrated as she receives the answers in the form of a rather strange parable. What questions will actually get answered by the end of the interview?

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Travel Writing

Dear Dream Journal,

I’ve been a few places and seen a couple things. People were there and a lot of stuff happened. A lot of wonderful times were had and many events took place.

The Hike Square.png

The Hike

The thin-faced stranger said, “The skin around it was rotting away and, well, it was mostly bone, but the skin, I remember it… That dirt - that red dirt - made it kind of dusty to see and…”

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s fine,” the man told his friend, calming him down with a gentle hand. “Don’t worry, let’s just get up a little farther and we’ll figure out where to go next. Don’t worry.”

The man’s new friend calmed down and agreed to join him. However, when they looked at the path in front of them, they noticed it split into a fork.