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Chapter 1

Another Day in Paradise

“Another day in paradise,” she always said. 

Oliver Strickham remembered his mother, Annie, saying it - smirking - as the two of them waited in a standard, beige, uneventful, medical lobby filled with outdated and uninteresting magazines. 

It was a dull place and a grim errand. 

Thankfully, her delightful disposition generally brought enough color to liven up most rooms. Even beige ones. 

While they sat, her eyes entertained themselves, poking around the room. As for himself, he thumbed through a magazine. 

“Do you think this would make my eyes pop?” He jokingly showed her a picture of an outrageous dress whose fabric featured brightly colored, cartoon animals spotted all around it. It fell in direct contrast with his usual style of plain t-shirts and average-fitting jeans.

“Oh, that’s great! You’ll get all the girls with that.” She laughed, then asked, “Why do they always make you wait for so long at these things? Then they poke you with needles.” She shivered. “I hate needles.” 

She looked at the inside of one of her elbows and scoffed at the numerous tiny, bloody pock marks left from the various doctor visits. Turning her attention to the liver spots that developed on her skin over the last decade, she added, “Not like they’re ruining a piece of art or anything. I don’t think I’m getting a hot date anytime soon.” 

With a deadpan tone, Oliver said, “Who knows, maybe this doctor has a weird liver spot fetish... Might get lucky. Dad won’t be super excited about it, though.” 

Still examining her bloodied and livered arms, she smirked and said, …


Chapter 20

Beatriz and the Divinationist

“Gah, thanks so much for meeting with me, Nia,” Bee said as she crashed through the almost shutting door of Nia’s office. A client had just left her office moments before. She set her wicker basket down and took her hat off, as well; tucking it away into the basket’s abyss. Nia was sitting at her desk in her powerful looking suit, behind her was a large glass window with a nice view. On one corner of her desk was a small block that had five perfectly round rocks above it floating in mid-air. The inner three balls stood perfectly still as the two outer rocks took turns hitting themselves against the middle rocks. Without strings, they would float straight out from the group and then magically be pulled back in.

The other corner of her desk contained a pen that floated and slowly twirled about in the air. It looked heavy; powerful. Nia liked that about it. It made her feel like she had more money than she did.

Bee liked it because of the pattern on its feather.

“Anything for you, Bee. After all the times that you’ve watched Scott, it’s the least I could do,” Nia replied. She was referring to all of the times that Beatriz had babysat her son, sometimes for free. Nia didn’t feel great about taking advantage of her from time to time. In truth, she was quite guilty about it, but her practice wasn’t going as well as she wished. Saving money on a babysitter is saving my practice, Nia would justify it to herself.

Bee was poking at the five-rock statue and said, “I love these things. It makes you look so businessy! How do they work anyway?”


“Oh. I guess I thought it was gonna be something cooler than that.”

“That’s how it goes. Now, what…


A Spin-off Short Story

Onocentauruses and the legal limits of happiness Square.png

Onocentauruses and the Legal Limits of Happiness

Astrid worked at a pace as steady as her ticking clock. Often, she would check it to make sure she was on schedule. It was an expensive clock; each letter floated, unattached and untethered to the glass in front of it while a large and small dot floated from number to number at different speeds. The clock itself was suspended without strings or a nail and gently hovered in front of its place on the wall of her powerful workspace.

Over the years, her office had moved higher and higher into the sky. At the moment, it was located on the 37th floor of a 62 story building. The window wasn’t as large as she would have liked, but she made do. Every day, she dreamt of the 62nd floor; Surely, their windows…