Why I Use Pro Writing Aid

Why I use Pro Writing Aid

If you’re looking to self-edit a novel, memoir, biography, or short story, then this post is for you. It’s all about my experience with Pro Writing Aid and why I use it over other software, namely, Grammarly.

It helps me learn

First and foremost, I love to learn.

So, one of my favorite aspects of Pro Writing Aid is that they give detailed explanations with every suggestion. That way, I can (a) choose whether or not to use the suggestion and (b) learn exactly what I’m doing wrong to avoid it in the future. As in the last sentence. It helped inform me whether I should use whether or whether or not.


By using Pro Writing Aid, I’ve learned to cut back on my adverbs such as sloppily, overly, monsterously etc… It’s a thing many writers in many books, on many forums, or in many editing swaps have warned me about. I never really understood until this software pointed it out. I was gratuitously using adverbs.

This is their suggestion on fixing the sentence: I’d been warned about many times.

This is their suggestion on fixing the sentence: I’d been warned about many times.

It also helped me gain a deep understanding of the difference between active and passive voices. Another writing trap I’d been warned about many times. Fun fact, that last sentence is passive. Here’s how Pro Writing Aid suggests I fix it to make it active, and, therefore, stronger.

I’m Only Human

Sculptors start with unshapen clay.

Gold miners start with mountains full of dirt.

Writers, well writers start by vomiting words onto a page.


It’s a sloppy process. That’s where software such as Pro Writing Aid come in handy. Yes, you get better the more you write - better still with the aid of artificial intelligence - but you are human. I’m 99% sure of that. You will make mistakes like not adding a comma splice. Or writing a coma into your story, when it’s, unnecessary. I hate unnecessary comas (classic soap-opera move).

Sometimes, you can’t think of the right word. That’s okay. Again, you’re human. We can never think of the right words, especially when someone says, “We need to talk.” I’m able to double click a word, and it gives me some suggested synonyms.

Double-clicking on a word will also give you the option to go to Pro Writing Aid’s Word Explorer. If you’re into writing poetry, a cathartic exercise of most writers, then the Word Explorer will quickly become your favorite tool. Within it are standard things like definitions, synonyms, antonyms, a thesaurus, etc… But there are also more interesting tools like commonly used alliterations, beginning-rhyme and end-rhyme options, and collocations (common surrounding words). A powerful tool for wordsmiths.


Oh, and it corrects spelling.

The Reports

Now, if you’re just looking to spellcheck your emails a little better, then the free options of both softwares are great. Download either. I use Grammarly’s free software still sometimes. But, if you’re serious at all about strengthening your writing, you should pop for the premium. Both premium softwares will help you with things like style and overall readability. Also, both integrate nicely into a lot of different word processors. Here is a list of Pro Writing Aid’s integrations.

Where I enjoy Pro Writing Aid more, is in the ability to run individual reports on my writing.

The software can run roughly twenty different reports ranging from style and grammar to appropriate use of transition phrases. It even has a pacing check that analyzes how fast a reader may move through the events of your fiction writing. It’s these more novel or short-story specific reports that pull me further toward Pro Writing Aid.




These higher-level reports are an invaluable learning tool, also. Every time you run them, you learn a little more about what makes writing easier to read. It’s harder to learn through Grammarly’s software mainly because it only runs in real-time, making it harder to sus out the specific areas you may be faltering in. In Pro Writing Aid, it’s been easy for me to see I have a problem with sticky sentences, and no problem with word variety. This ability to self-assess my writing with with such precision via computer aid has skyrocketed my writing abilities.

The Premium Option is Affordable!

The main reason I use Pro Writing Aid instead of the industry powerhouse, Grammarly, is because it’s more affordable. It does all the same things, has the same plug-in capabilities, and the same easy-to-use interface, but at a much better price. For someone as chronically artsy as myself, price matters.

The key difference in pricing between the two softwares is that Grammarly does not offer a lifetime license. Pro Writing Aid does offer a lifetime license. What’s more, the lifetime license is only $240. Simple. The cheapest Grammarly option is $139.95 yearly.

Of course, you could pay monthly. In either case, Pro Writing Aid is still much more affordable for essentially the same product.

My personal preference is always a one-time payment. I hate subscription plans.

And that’s it! I hope some of this helps you make a decision :)

Pro Writing Aid’s Pricing

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