Grammarly vs. Pro Writing Aid

Grammarly vs Pro Writing Aid banner.png

We live in the future. Simple as that. If you are a writer in modern day, then you should be using some type of artificial intelligence to help your grammar and style. Que Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid. There are more, but these are the two heavy hitters that I enjoy using regularly.


Grammarly is the more user friendly of the two applications. It’s plugin integration works great with various websites and platforms including your email.

In terms of pricing, there is a free plan that includes simple grammar checking. Aside from pointing out spelling errors, it points out any misplaced commas, incorrect usages of words and things along those lines. Even though it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s not wonderfully accurate and useful.

Their paid plan is much more powerful and gives suggestions on higher level elements in writing. Grammarly Premium points out stylistic errors such as when using too many passive verbs, misusing parallel construction, or accidentally using a double subject.. One nice feature of Grammarly that isn’t included in Pro Writing Aid is the ability to edit style by genre. Handy for people who write prose.

These higher level capabilities come at a cost. Their premium plan is $29.95 per month if you are paying month to month. If you pay $59 quarterly, which boils down to $19.98 a month. You can also pay for a yearly subscription with an annual payment of $139.95. This is the best option as it equals $11.66 a month.

Within their premium plan, Grammarly includes a plagiarism checker. For academics, it’s an expansive that searches through over 16 billion web pages.

Pro Writing Aid

Though Pro Writing Aid boasts many of the same features as Grammarly, it’s different in three ways, really.

For one, its compatibility and integrations are slightly more limited than its contemporary’s. It’s plugin works on a vast amount of sites and platforms, but where it falls short is in integrating with Google Docs. The plugin works great with Gmail, but it’s incompatible with Google Docs. That said, Pro Writing Aid integrates with Google Docs in the form of an Add-on tool.

Second, its features are more separated. Grammarly runs an overall check and suggests everything at once via an artificial writing assistant. Pro Writing Aid has their features separated and has you manually run reports. These reports, in their premium version, check a range of things from cliches and redundancies or sticky sentences, to things like consistency or pacing. This can be considered Pro Writing Aids double-edged sword. In one way, it can be extremely helpful to tease apart the various errors in your writing. On the other side of the sword, it’s much more convenient when all the checks are done simultaneously. With that being said, Pro Writing Aid does do simultaneous checks within its word processing platform found on its website. It does the report style checking inside of Google Docs. 

The last difference is in price. Like Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid has a free plugin that checks for simple grammar and spelling errors. It’s friendly looking and easy to use just like Grammarly’s.

Unlike Grammarly, Pro Writing Aid has no monthly plan. Instead, it offers subscriptions for one year, two year, three year or, my personal favorite, lifetime plans. The plans are $60. $90, $120, and $210, respectively. Another difference in pricing between the two applications is that Pro Writing Aid’s standard premium packages don’t include a plagiarism checker. This can be added on and creates a whole new pricing tier. For the one year, two year, three year, and lifetimes plans that include the plagiarism checker, the pricing is $70, $110, $150, and $320.

My Comparison

They essentially do all the same things. Grammarly’s user interface is much more simplistic and streamlined when it comes to their premium features. On the other hand, I actually love using the report style editing inside of Google Docs because it lets me isolate stylistic suggestions. I also enjoy Pro Writing Aid’s option to make a one-time payment for a lifetime subscription.

My overall recommendation is that everyone should use Grammarly’s free plugin. It’s amazing, convenient, and simple. 

It’s your intended use that’s the deciding factor between the premium plans. If you are using it in a more business and academic setting, I recommend Grammarly for its comprehensive power and convenience. If you’re writing prose or poetry or anything for personal use, I recommend Pro Writing Aid because of its affordable pricing and ability to separate elements when editing.