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His wife's dead, his store isn't doing too great and his knees hurt. Meet Oliver's dad, Joe Strickham. 

After having had a dad who was filled with nothing but complaints and anger, Joe never wanted to end up like his own father. But, as we all know, life can be stressful and soon enough, Joe was working for a rather stuffy-stuff store doing rather businessy-business things and he slowly became like his father. Little complaints about big things eventually turned into big complaints about little things and one day he found himself getting absolutely outraged by nothing more than a little broken paperclip. Upon this, he immediately quit his job and walked out of the office, wandered down the street for a cup of coffee and there he met Annie. 

Waitressing at the coffee shop, Annie was a lovely woman who always saw the fun in life and this intoxicated him. Confident in his new unemployment and excited to start life a-new, he summoned up the courage to ask Annie on a date and she said yes. 

The rest was history, as they say and after not too long they decided to get hitched, have a kid and start a store. Thus, Oliver and Mr. Strickham's general store were born. Over all the years that the two of them spent together, Joe never forgot how glad he was that something as tiny and unimportant as a paperclip brought him and Annie together. It truly was magic. 

Now that she’s gone, Joe is clinging to his store in memory of the life they used to have. In his mind, it’s the last thing that is holding him and his son together. Unfortunately, the store is in jeopardy due to the vastly popular and ever-growing online shopping company named Statim. In order to save the store, and his relationship with his son, Joe must move learn how to adapt in the changing times in order to compete with Statim.

All in all, Sad and mad, Joe is one hurting dad (I love cheesy rhymes) and on top of everything, his knees hurt.