Dayton O'Donnell

I’ll Write For You


Personal Bio writing

Living in the digital age forces us to sell ourselves in a consistent way across multiple platforms. Professional websites, personal websites, social media platforms and dating applications often require, or encourage, strong bios of yourself. In this type of landscape it’s hard to stand out among the sea of profiles. Allow me to construct a strong bio for you and the many platforms you need it for.

The philosophy behind my bio construction is simple: I outline why your passion drives your credibility. Many professional bios are flat and often only list accomplishments. But the secret is, if you want someone to care about what you’ve done, they have to care about you. And that is the real purpose of a bio.


Speech writing

Though our society has changed over the many years, two things have stayed constant. One, people must give speeches and, two, people are scared to give speeches. Of course, there are a lot of things that can help to dampen the nerves surrounding public speaking but first and foremost, is having a solid speech prepared.

I have an eclectic background in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Piano Performance, Teaching Music, Stand-up Comedy and Fiction Writing. My unique set of knowledge will transform your speech from a flat argument into a story-driven one that will force your audience to pay attention to the information you want them to. Adding a narrative to your speech will set you apart from he rest of the pack in any situation. Whether it’s for the biggest speech of your life or just a simple presentation for your office, having a well crafted speech will help you command the room.


writing of any kind

It turns out that people still read! So, people still need all kinds of things written. I have worked very hard to call myself a writer and am open and willing to all requests. I am comfortable with anything from research articles to writing for personal websites. Whatever project you have in mind, I am more than willing to help. I am comfortable in writing in both a professional and in a more personal tone.

Overall as a writer, my goal is to create writing that hits you like great music. You see, in great music the most important thing is the melody. As a musician, everything you do is to get people to hear the melody as you hear it. To achieve that, you have to understand that harmony and rhythm are simply supportive. In writing, your main idea is your melody.

So, my goal is to align everything I write to support your idea.