Beatriz Randall, or Bee for short, is a spastic and friendly barista with a passion for helping and gardening. She's the most interesting girl under the sun and has caught the attention of Oliver, the most boring guy above the dirt. She's fun, exciting and extremely anxious…

She constantly helps people around her and inevitably spreads herself too thin. Even though it’s impossible to make everyone happy, that’s her goal. Having moved around a lot in the last five years, her life is generally as sporadic as she is. Every place that she’s been she’s left a broken heart in her wake. It’ll typically play out like this: Girl (Bee) moves into town. Boy falls in love. Bee helps too many people and gets stressed out. Boy tries to tell her what to do. Girl explodes and leaves.

Now back in her hometown of Biddleton, she’s trying hard to get control of her sporadic life and stay put. Unfortunately, being home means being around her family. First, there’s her psychologist of a mother who over-analyzes everything. Somehow she finds a way to turn it all into one big complaint. And second, her Brother, an addict who prioritizes crystals over his own well being. And as for her father; he’s been out of the picture for a long time. In fact, she’s pretty sure he’s the reason that she’s always spreading herself so thin. Ever since he left, she’s felt like the glue that’s supposed to hold her family together and keep the peace within her mom and brother.

Que Oliver. Aside from being the most bland guy on earth, he’s actually the perfect person to vent to. Unlike other boyfriends in her past, he doesn’t mind just listening and doesn’t ever try and fix her. On the flip side of that same coin, he’s so boring that Beatriz loves trying to cheer him up and make him laugh.

Too bad she doesn’t know about his medically diagnosed chronic boringness.

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